About Rally 4 Resources

Rally for Resources is a grassroots movement group and involves the people of Western Canada. We are requesting your support at all levels to protect and have our resource industries brought back to create jobs and have a prosperous economy once again. 

Our Story

Our goal is to promote our resource based industries, and influence government decisions and policies by presenting fair, unbiased information on the truth about these industries, and their benefit to the overall economic health of Canada as well as the environmental benefit that Canada’s clean, ethical, morally produced resources can bring to the world.

This is something that all of Canada needs to stand in solidarity for; together we must defend and promote the future of our resource based industries. We must let governments at all levels know that we need pipeline approvals & construction, tidewater access; LNG, oil sands, coal, agriculture & forestry development. This is a NATIONAL UNITY issue, not a political or partisan issue. We strongly support and proudly stand beside other movements of this nature that are working tirelessly to achieve the same goals as we are.




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